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Face and Body Painting for Different Events


Face & Body Painting Services

Face and body painting began when my daughter was in pre-school in the mid 1980s and continued with my three additional children in girl scouts, boy scouts, elementary school, summer fairs, church and special events.
I only use hypo-allergenic professional face and body paint. And I sterilize and clean my brushes, water and paints between each individual child or adult.
I face paint for many events most often for children. My fees preferably for a full face is $20.00, $15.00 for a 3/4 face, $10.00 for a half face and $5.00 for a small design. Children love to have me paint their faces. On occasion families can find this a financial hardship. As a result I collect donations which help fund my charity events! I greatly appreciate any support, know this goes to a great cause, the community I love!